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Erbium - Bongbastic

Queste piccole pillole rosa possono sembrare graziose, ma sconvolgeranno il tuo bong come l’uragano Adam in miniatura!

Fortunatamente, è un uragano felice, distruggerà solo la negatività e la roba deprimente appiccicata alle pareti causando un Esplosione di pura energia e felicità che lascerà il tuo bong estaticamente scintillante per ore e ore.


Your bong will be happy and love the cleaning process


0,5-0,75 pill
1 pill
1,5 pill


3-5 hours


Methylone (100 mg)


Non destinato all’uso umano.
Il prodotto non viene spedito nei seguenti Paesi:
Germany , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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This made me feel like i was on top of the world. I left oall my problems behind for that one was great! Great for a night out in the clubs. I ever gave one to a mate of mine and he also loved them. We will definitely be ordering them again.

Reminded me of something else ive taken in clubs before..................................


I bougth 4 pills and took 2.About an hour later give me a good feling, very nice and almost the same as md. The big diference and not so good was the lack of horniness, because i wanted to have a good night of sex after and was not possible.

very social. intensive. fast. 4-5 hours trance....


I really liked this bong cleaner. My bong felt really clean. And the cleaning seems less agressive to the glass of the bong than other Shayana's bong cleaners. If you are used to bong cleaning you could use 2 tablets for a maximum cleanliness feeling. If you don't clean your bong too often maybe you should start with 1, just to make sure you don't spoil or break your bong. I also like that after using your bong still doesn't get dirty. You can see that is not fully clean after like 3 hours,but the cleanliness lasts for hours and is a wonderful feeling.

With shayana you always know what to expect!No bad surprises.Happiness all over the place.Great feelings and passionate sex.

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