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Kratom refers to the plant Mitragyna speciosa Korth., a tree indigenous to Thailand.
Kratom is one of the most effective and pleasurable psychoactive herbs available. Over 25 alkaloids have been isolated from Kratom; the principle one being mitragynine, an indole alkaloid superficially resembling yohimbine (Found in Yohimbe bark). In addition to being used as a very pleasurable relaxant with profoundly euphoric effects, it is often used to moderate and beat addiction to Opium/Heroin. Some use Kratom to prolong sexual intercourse. To really experience the full bliss of the kratom, lie down in the dark or a dimly lit room with your favourite music, close your eyes and drift away.

Kratom resin is a much better alternative to Kratom leaf; This extract is produced from boiling fresh Kratom leaves then the liquor is reduced until it forms a very stable resin, as this extract is much stronger than ordinary leaf the dosage is greatly reduced therefore only requiring 5-10 grams of dissolved extract in a tea.


The effects last for 4 to 6 hours. When large doses are taken, some residual effects may linger for several hours longer.
In low doses it induces mild euphoria and reduces fatigue. Low doses do not interfere with most ordinary activities, however, one should not drive or perform other activities that require full attention. At strong doses (20-50 grams) the effects are profoundly euphoric and immensely pleasurable. Typically people describe the effects as dreamy, ecstatic, and blissful. Many people experience closed-eye visuals. Strong doses must only be used when one can devote several hours to the experience itself.


It is usually taken as a tea.
Each dose (5-10 grams) should be prepared as follows:
Boil 100ml of water
Add your 5-10 grams of Extract and gently boil until dissolved
Pour this into a largish glass of tea already well sweetened with a lot of sugar or honey
Stir well and drink slowly over about 45 mins, keep stirring before you drink
A second glass of 5 gram is optional!!

REMEMBER to be in a nice place with some nice music and have the facilities to lie down, if you begin to feel nauseous lie down immediately.

The tea can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. The same general method can of course be used with larger or smaller amounts of Extract by simply adjusting the volume of water used. Some people experience mild nausea when using doses above 4 grams, so when taking larger doses, it is best to do so on an empty stomach (i.e. wait about 3 hours after eating)


Usage of kratom in high dosages may be mildly addictive. Acute side effects include dry mouth, loss of appetite and constipation. Side effects from long term use include anorexia and weight loss, insomnia, and a darkening of the skin, particularly on the cheeks.

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Simply great! I tried 5 g dissolved in hot water, found out that 10g are ideal dose for me. Good, warm High! Depends on empty stomach etc. Effects are between a euphoric cocaine rush and a smooth opium rush, difficult to describe. No visual effects or other LSD / Mushroom like trips, but a really good and profound feeling. I really recommend Kratom but it's up to oneself to decide, I liked the good, deeply warm feeling after drinking my Kratom tea, starts about 15 minutes after drinking, so be patient and enjoy! Take your time and enjoy, I think ideal together with a nice girl. Kratom taken in that dose mentioned above is smooth and made me relaxed and horny, not aggressive or dumb. Best of all: it's legal stuff :-) Next time I will probably try 15 g to see if there is also a ecstatic, euphoric effect. Only thing is that it is a bit expensive, but after all worth the money.



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