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Animal Max Protein

Animal Max Protein
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Animal Max is the final piece of the "Animal" puzzle. Designed exclusively for hardcore, competitive bodybuilders, our line of "Animal: supplements - Animal Pak, Animal Stak, Animal Cuts - will help you pack on mass like never before. Animal Max is a premium protein blend spiked with creatine, glutamine, and taurine. Utilizing the latest in protein technology, Animal Max optimizes protein synthesis and anti-catabolism due to its unique blend of whey isolates/hydrolysates, isolated casein peptides and pure egg albumin.


Research has shown that the ideal protein consists of blending individual proteins, particularly whey and casein. Together, whey and casein proteins are superior to each individually because of the simple fact that though whey promotes protein synthesis, it does very little for anti-catabolism. Casein, on the other hand, exerts tremendous muscle-sparing efects. In Animal Max, Universal Nutrition has created the perfect bodybuilder's protein. Each serving of Animal Max is powered with 30g of the finest proteins available: ultrafiltered whey isolates, hydrolysates and concentrates, isolated casein peptides, and instantized egg concentrates, isolated casein peptides, and instantized egg albumin proteins. This proprietary blend ensures that protein synthesis is optimized, nitrogen balance is maintained and muscle catabolism is prevented. Each serving of Animal Max is also fortified with valuable glutamine and glutamine peptides, taurine, plus 2.5g of Creapure creatine monohydrate for maximizing new muscle growth.


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