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Engineered Plant Nutrition is Simple to Use. Empty entire contents of the weekly box (corresponding to your crop's week of growth) into 100 Litres of water, and agitate, then feed to plants. Sensi Pro Engineered Plant Nutrition pH self balances between pH 5.5 - 6.5

SensiPro has been exhaustively researched and developed with over 2 years of field testing. During the field trials, weekly tissue samples (of many strains) were taken and analyzed over the entire life of the plant.

Our analysis of the plant tissue samples determined the precise amount and ratios of elements required, at specific stages, throughout the plant's life cycle. This analysis was the basis for the SensiPro Engineered Plant Nutrition System.

Once Advanced Nutrients determined what the nutritional needs of the plants were, we started researching, field testing and incorporating other ingredients that proved to substantially enhance yield, plant and root growth. These ingredients are Beneficial Bacteria, Beneficial Fungi, Hormones, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Vitamins, Organic Plant Extracts, Organic Ingredients, Yeast Extracts and Carbohydrates.

All of these ingredients are presently used in the SensiPro Engineered Plant Nutrition System, and are delivered to your crop in a specific chronological order in the plants life cycle. All the guess work has been taken out! No other supplements are required!

Sensi Pro is strain specific, formulated in 5 different strengths to suit your plant's specific requirements.

o Light Feeding - 1200 ppm Peak
o Moderately Light Feeding - 1400 ppm Peak
o Medium Feeding - 1600 ppm Peak
o Moderately Heavy Feeding - 1800 ppm Peak
o Heavy Feeding - 2000 ppm Peak

SensiPro will absolutely out-produce any other company's nutrient programs on the market today. Guaranteed!

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