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Dinafem Autoflowering Haze Automatic

A combination of Dinafem's well known automatic strain and an exclusive genetic line of Haze, resulting in an authentic revolution in taste, resin and power breaking into the field of the auto-flowering plants

As the name indicates, it is an automatic flowering variety which includes Sativa Haze genetics, a complex mixture of Ruderalis, Sativa and Indica which is the result of combining various generations of our well-known original auto-flowering strains with an exclusive Haze genetic.

The main features of Dinafem’s new Haze Automatic are the following: this variety is extremely stable and homogenous; it has more resin, thicker buds and higher productivity. In order to achieve this, it needs about 75 – 80 days to mature completely, that is to say, approximately one week more than previous strains of automatics. In the Haze Automatic, we can therefore detect both the standard features of first generation auto-flowering genetics, predominantly Ruderalis, compact and bushy with the characteristic aroma of auto-flowering varieties, and the peculiar aromas of the Haze we have managed to combine it with, lemon and spice with a sweet acidy hint. Dinafem’s Haze Automatic is therefore a new auto-flowering variety which manifests evident improvement in the presence of resin, with buds that stand out with a sparkle as soon as the plants reach maturity, about 70 days after germinating.

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