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Isomatrix Reloaded
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Never before in bodybuilding history has there been a protein supplement so potent that you can feel it. Syntrax Innovations uses a scientifically engineered combination of protein isolates in specific ratios designed to use protein for what it is meant for GROWTH and REPAIR! Recognizing the fact that consuming just one source of protein will ultimately reduce your results, ISOMATRIX contains a combination of the highest quality and best protein sources available. This combination includes whey protein isolate for rapid digestion, absorption and anabolic properties, micellar casein for its steady release into the blood stream and it's powerful anticatabolic properties, milk protein isolate for its superior amino acid profile, egg yolk protein isolate for its high concentrations of BCAA's and high biological value and finally soy protein isolate for its high glutamine, arginine and BCAA content, positive effect on thyroid function and its many health benefits. The powerful combination of these proteins allows for a timed released effect creating the perfect "anabolic environment" and "anticatabolic effect". We've also included the revolutionary compound Glycocyamine, which is a highly anabolic cell-volumizing and performance enhancing compound! Not only does ISOMATRIX produce rapid body transforming effects, but it also tastes so heavenly you'll look forward to each and every shake!

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