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Mega Outdoor Pack

Mega Outdoor Pack
Richiesta Speciale

Special Request


Afghan 50 seeds
Lebanese 30 seeds
Haze special 20 seeds

The perfect pack for a grower with lots of free garden space.


Originally this strain was imported from Afghanistan and selectively bred in Holland for indoor cultivation. Afghan has a strong acrid aroma. Greasy resin glands extend to the fat shade leaves. The smoke is heavy with a strong almost numbing buzz if raised and cured properly. This plant has a high flower to leaf ratio and good yield. Afghan is one of the original genetic lines used in many popular modern day hybrids.

Genetics: Afghan bred in Holland for indoor cultivation
Effect: Stoned- Indica Body Buzz
Flowering indoor: 7/9 weeks with a yield of 350-450 gr/sqm. Short, mostly Indica. harvest month September/October
Plant height: Short- Mostly Indica
THC: strong 15-20%
Grow difficulty: Easy (Good for beginners)

Labanese red

Haze Special

Haze Special, the name says it all.
A very special Sativa-Indica mix for the perfect balanced high. It comes on slow, but when it does it's there to stay, so don't make any plans. It is a very heady and thought-provoking high but at the same time it keeps you alert and smiley.

The Haze Special is a tall plant with very short space in between nodes and a very early flowering period. The same as with the high, it grows slow at first but when flowering you'll be surprised how many buds you'll have.

Inside flowering 6-9 weeks
height. 125-150 cm yield up to 160 gram

Outside flowering 8-11 weeks
height: 225-250 cm yield up to 800 gram
harvest end of September until half October

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