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Lobelia Inflata

Lobelia Inflata
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This plant, native to eastern North America, has the ability to facilitate a dreamy, relaxed state, because it is an expectorant. Its prominent ovaries (the "inflata") make it a very female plant and for that reason it is often incorporated into spells for love magic. Some Native Americans used it for purification. In the language of flowers, lobelia means malevolence.

Lobelia is considered the most powerful of all the various types of lobelia and can be dangerous. Do not eat. It has a long history of use as a tobacco substitute (it actually works on nicotine receptors as a nicotine antagonist, although it contains no nicotine).

How to grow lobelia:
This annual plant is unusual because the seeds need light to germinate rather than darkness. Sprinkle fine seed on the surface of wet soil and just barely tamp in with your fingertip. Only water from beneath. You can also use a light mist to water them. Germinates in 2-3 weeks. Pot up when it is three months old, and set out at 8-12" apart when transplanting. The plant likes rich soil and full sun or part shade. This is a slow-growing plant. It forms a rosette and then "bolts" producing a one-foot stalk with small flowers. Harvest when seed pods are just beginning to develop; wear gloves. Dry out of direct sun in a well ventilated place. This plant dries quickly when harvested.
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