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Golden Teacher Kit Coltivazione - Xs

Golden Teacher is one of the most popular strains of psilocybe cubensis, well known for it’s large golden caps, fat stems and gorgeous flushes. This shroom strain is very easy to grow and famous for it’s spiritual and therapeutic properties .

Perfect for the novice grower with limited grow space, this extra small growkit is all you need to cultivate your very own magic mushrooms. The mushrooms will grow in flushes and you can harvest up to 40-60 grams per flush if you give them the proper care.


Harvest on average 50 grams within 2-3 weeks
Multiple flushes possible
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Canada , Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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ottimo prodotto!!!! mi sono trovato benissimo!! facile da coltivare ma attenzione ! coprite tutto il grow kit con dell alluminio lasciando aperto solo la parte superiore per evitare che i funghi crescano a testa in giu e schiacciati