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Shroomgro - Xs Superpack

Coltiva i tuoi Funghi Magici tutto l’anno ad un prezzo speciale!

Ciascuna confezione ShroomGRO Winter Pack include:

2 - Magic Mushroom XS GrowKits
(a scelta tra le varietà Mexican, Golden Teacher e B+)

1 – Tappetino scaldante NEST
(per regolare la temperature e raggiungere condizioni di coltivazione ottimali)

Per un migliore risultato evitare il contatto diretto tra la superficie riscaldante e il kit di coltura. Usare un pezzo di cartoncino o un asciugamano ripiegato.


Raccolto medio di 50 grammi entro 2-3 settimane.
Flussi multipli possibili.
Il prodotto non viene spedito nei seguenti Paesi:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Recensioni ShroomGRO - XS SuperPack Condividi la tua esperienza


Very good and fast delilvery. After one strain was out, they sent another. Everything was fine. It grows very fast! You really need that heating mat for spreading the mycelium, then you take it away for fruiting.
Look around the net for good growing advices, not every advice is good for your kit because there are many different ways of growing. With this one everything goes almost automaticly. You get a lot of babies even with these two XS kits.
Thank you shayana!


This is my first time growing and they came out amazing! i'm going to re-use the heating mat for a bigger growkit now! Thanks Shayana!

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