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Il sistema Hashshaker è utile per piccoli coltivatori per ottenere polline puro (hash) dai loro rimasugli d’erba.
Inserisci semplicemente le foglie in un lato e agita, sull’altro lato si accumulerà la resina.

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would be a lot better if you put a small hole it top of it so you can inject lighter fluid it will free the trichomes and work 1000% better and also increase yield by same stuff works as good as say colibri or ronson fuel not the kind you sqirt into a zippo this has to be butane pressurized type ...Hope this helps you out jane and josh you can do same thing with salt+pepper shaker the stainless steel kind that looks like the one you sell you just drill a hole 1/8 inch hole in one end..Been doing that for years and blew my mind when i saw it ..


This tool works, but u need a lot of weed, and work on the refrigerator. But really works...

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