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Amazon MAgic tells the life story of Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez, an Ayahuasquero, a shaman skilled in the use of ayahuasca, a visionary and healing plant medicine. Told in his own words, Amazon Magic describes incidents from his childhood in a small jungle town beside the amazon river, and his early and present day experiences with the plant medicine ayahuasca.
The book recounts his days of being lost in the remote depths of the jungle which resulted in his living a year with an indian tribe; his adventures with river dolphins, jaguars and boas; his practical business enterprises; and his becoming a well-known sculptor. It also describes the training and discipline that he underwent to become the shaman and healer that he is today, and explores his use and knowledge of plant medicines, and his current healing work. More importantly, it gives his spiritual and visionary encounters with plant, water and jungle spirits. The book provides a fascinating look into the cultural life of the peruvian amazon as seen through the eyes of someone who is an integral part of this life, and provides a rare insight into the forces that helped shape the life of a profound healer who is now highly regarded in many parts of the world.

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