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King B - Tightpac Joint Holder

King B - Tightpac Joint Holder
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Keeps your favourite smoke fresher for longer so when relit, it’s fit for a King!

Be the King of the Party. The King B is the perfect companion for concerts, weddings and all nighters. This super cool joint holder is smell proof and air tight. Place your blazing joint or blunt into the King B, put the cap on and it goes out immediately!

• Size: 15cm x 2cm
• Made of Polypropylene: super durable, won't melt or break
• Waterproof: will float until you decide to rescue it
• Discreet and stylish: Tightpacs will clip to socks, pants and under clothes
• Colors available: Black, Violet, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Silver, Copper, Gold, Mulberry

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