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Be a Free Radical! Don't Succumb to Them.

Introducing the most sophisticated Free Radical Scavenging product ever produced! RADOX contains a full spectrum of the most scientifically advanced compounds with antioxidant properties ever incorporated into one formula. RADOX effectively combats free radicals in your system to add energy and years to your life and help you feel... Young... Strong... Vital!

It is a well-known fact that constant stress and intense physical activity on the body such as sports-specific training and weight training have been shown to increase levels of free radicals in the body. High levels of free radicals literally wreak havoc on your body leading to an overall feeling of weakness and lethargy. For a competitive athlete, this can pose a serious problem on overall health and performance. With this in mind, Syntrax Innovations created RADOX. This unrivaled formula is specifically engineered for reducing damaging free radicals and increasing overall health and longevity. Developed especially for the demanding needs of the athlete, RADOX is also ideal for anyone interested in a better Body, better Health, and a better Life.

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