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Ayahuasca Cashibo - Kit 3

La natura della Ayahuasca la differenzia da tutti gli altri allucinogeni. La qualità e il contenuto di queste visioni puntano verso una completa scoperta dello scenario occulto per chi la usa.. Sembra di vivere un'esperienza reale, non una "allucinazione" nel senso stretto del termine, e una porta verso altri mondi che esistono parallelamente al nostro.


E' una mistura di MAO-inibitori come il Peganum Harmala o il Banisteriopsis Caapi con un DMT contenente piante come la Psychotria Viridis, la Diplopterys Cabrerana, e la Mimosa Hostilis.

Il DMT, che è normalmente attivo per via orale diventa attivo in presenza di MAO-inibitori E' una miscela potente e visionaria usata per lungo tempo dagli Sciamani in Perù per propositi spirituali e di guarigione. Loro credono che la Ayahuasca guarisce il tuo spirito, la tua anima e il tuo corpo..


Ingredienti: Mimosa Hostilis Powder & Banisteriopsis Caapi.


Il prodotto non viene spedito nei seguenti Paesi:
France , Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Recensioni Ayahuasca Cashibo - Kit 3 Condividi la tua esperienza


This is the most beautiful, profound experience I have ever had. Note; it should not be take as a get messed up drug. This will make you take a very hard look at your life, and it introduces you to your beautiful spirit that is pure love. Seach Erowid: experience ayahuasca for best recipe. God bless


Taking Ayahuasca is a very personal experience. The way we feel not only when we are on the trip, but even after we come back from the trip, is a spiritual one. You feel connected with what seems like the smallest of things.

I would strongly suggest you to do some research on how to prepare it. As there are many different ways.

Most amazing and eye opening experience of my life.

I took half of my dose in case I threw up, which I never did and after an hour and a half I started feeling the first effects. I was in complete darkness under my blanket and strong visuals started coming on, everything was red and I can't really remember, but I assumed it was my own bloodflow. After a bit of that, the experience turned horrifying, I felt like I was gonna die, or go insane, I even thought about calling 911. I kept opening my eyes and checking my body to make sure I'm still here, it really felt like I was about to disappear, everything just started melting together and I was scared to death. Thankfully, that day I watched a Terrance McKeena video where he suggested humming as a way to calm yourself down, which I did, and it helped a lot, definitely do this if you're having a bad trip. After the very intense near death experience subsided however, I felt such joy and happiness, I realized that all I want to do with my life, is make everyone around me happy and that it doesn't matter what happens, what I have, how people see me, I just want to share this overwhelming joy with everyone, I want to hug every person on the street and just open my heart to everyone. I've definitely experienced ego death, there's absolutely no self interest left in me. What I did before the trip was making a list of things I want from this experience, and some of the things I wrote was having the ability to make anyone truly happy and to lose all self interest and lift my ego. And I got all of that, it is such a wonderful and amazing experience. It is totally worth going through all that fear to reach that wonderful bliss and state of mind that has changed my life forever. This is easily the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you so much Shayana, for making my life the most brilliant experience void of any longing or need for material bullshit, I love every single one of you!


I made the tea (it took me ages I must say) and in the day after I decided to take it on an empty stomach. Results: I had absolutely NO effects. I am very disappointed with this product.

Wow! You have a very good quality ayahuasca. Infact the result was that a little quantity of the dosage had the same effect of a high dosage. After the moment of vomit, I experienced the wonderful full comprehension and magic of the life, of me. Very speed shipping! Thank you!!

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