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Goditi una corsa colorata ed esaltante su favolosi paesaggi da sogno mentre il tuo tappeto magico ti trasporta in luoghi che non hai mai sognato. ALADDiN ti porta in un fantastico viaggio di miglioramento dell'umore e di esplorazione creativa. Prova le abbondanti delizie di un viaggio assolutamente stupefacente e vibrante, fiorito di buone vibrazioni!


Immagini geometriche colorate e vibranti, miglioramento creativo e cognitivo, corpo euforico, aumento della resistenza, aumento dell'umore generale e miglioramento sensoriale.


ALADDIN è simile a WOW e KALEIDOSKOPE, mentre di solito produce più effetti visivi e uno spazio di testa più freddo in confronto, permettendo un'esperienza più ricreativa. Il microdosaggio migliora la creatività, la chiarezza mentale e un generale senso di benessere. Gli effetti sono migliorati se vissuti con uno stato d'animo positivo, una buona musica e un ambiente confortevole. Si inizia sempre con dosi più basse a causa delle differenze tra il peso corporeo individuale, la tolleranza, il metabolismo e la sensibilità personale.


Leggera: ½ - 1 timbro
Comune: 1 - 1½ timbri
Forte: 1½ - 2 timbri


Inizio: 20 - 60 minuti
Picco: 2½ - 5 ore
Durata: 7 - 10 ore


AL-LAD (150µg per timbro)


Non destinato all’uso umano. Disclaimer sulla Salute Non raccomandato sotto i 18 anni di età. Se incinta, in allattamento o se stai seguendo una terapia, consulta il tuo medico.Non eccedere le dosi raccomadate. Il consumo può invalidare la capacità di guidare o di operare con macchinari pesanti. Si raccomanda di non consumare con bevande alcoliche.
Il prodotto non viene spedito nei seguenti Paesi:
Austria , Germany , Ireland , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Recensioni ALADDiN Condividi la tua esperienza


Good stuff, other half and I had a great time hiking with AL. I'm around 200lb, wifey is just over half that and we both had an enjoyable time with 1 tab each. Recommended!


This product is - though very simmilar to lucy - a compound that stands out on it's own and not only as a substitute. In my experience it is not as strong as acid in many ways, which in fact is not a negative though. Visually it is about as active if not even more active than the original, but the mindtrip is not quite as extreme. On Al-Lad you will enjoy many beautiful patterns and feel at unity with everything, in a very meditative state, whilst still staying very clear. This along with the much shorter duration makes the experience way less exhausting. I would reccomend using both stamps though, unless you are new to the process, in that case one stamp makes a good start, giving you a soft experience that you will be able to handle. Al-Lad is like the sweet and pleasant candy version of acid in my experience. If you want to journey 'cross the circle to divine insanity though, i would rather recommend the WOW or Kaleidoskope, which is more intense there and almost not distinguishable from the original LSD.

Oh yes,thank you Shayana!
This product going so natural,modified you gently and easy.
Full of erotic,love and peace.
Good for openairs.
This what i give to my friend.;)


Pretty much satisfied with the product. Just as good as the original from Albert Hoffmann. I could not have seen a difference in the results. Only difference might be slightly shorter duration. Still a great product, definetely recommended. I will order it again...

Totally convinced, gladly will order again! Shipping was fast.
In my opinion Bodyload is somehow stronger, but is in no way inferior to its little/big(?) brother. Visuals are awesome!

I used 1 stamp for the experience.

Suitable for everyone!


I started with one stamp and I have to say that it was a very nice and controllable experience.
Absolutely no noticeable side effects during or after the ride. With pleasure will try again! :)

my profile: 24 years, 81kg weight, male

Half a stamp, didn't have any vision but really good thinking even though since I took it late in the night, I didn't really sleep: I was in bed with my companion, he slept while I was dozing off through my thoughts.
However when I woke up —because I slept a bit, but I might have been thinking for a few hours before being able to— I felt really good, calm and happy, like, very serene and in fact very awake like after a good night sleep despite the fact I might have slept only a couple or two of hours.
Eager to try it again with a full stamp, I'll write another review for it.
Conclusion: really good time with only half a stamp, I recommend it!


The cleaning process started with a '?', but soon that sacred feeling came around, quite reminding of magic evenings in those good old times. Slightly different; let's say, a bit more Lucy than Diamonds, and she comes with power, a touch speedy, but in aphrodisiating colors. Also some softer, less dramatic, easier to handle than her sister. Finally, I was smiling at the result, and was quite mystified, the bong was sparkling deep, and the positive drive remained for quite
a time. Thus, a 1001 thanks to Shayana for this ingenious idea, surely being worth further applications.

I took 2 tabs ....
Beautiful and magical ....
A real surprise indeed . Now my favorite psychedelic - I would take this instead of Lucy any day .
Thankyou Shayana for stocking this superb product - I am very grateful indeed to have been able to source this very special item .Disappointed it was sold out .
Will order more now that new stock has arrived .


Oh yes,thank you Shayana!
This product going so natural,modified you gently and easy.
Full of erotic,love and peace.
Good for openairs.
This what i give to my friend.;)

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