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Spice Gold

Spice Gold
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Spice Gold – 3 gram

Spice is an exotic exclusive incense, which releases a relaxing fragrance
when burned.

Spice Silver, Spice Gold and Spice Diamond contain a mixture of various
plants and aromatic extracts. Spice Gold has a stronger aroma than Spice
Silver. Spice Diamond has a stronger aroma than Spice Gold.

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An exotic herbal blend that releases a rich fragrance when burned.
Spice contains a combination of plants and aromatic extracts including:

Baybean - Canavalia maritima
Also known as beach bean, the baybean is found on sandy beaches and coastal scrub. Seeds of this plant have been found in royal grave sites in the Yucatan and Peru dating from 300 B.C.

Blue Lotus - Nymphaea caerulea / Nymphaea alba
A water lotus with beautiful blue flowers, worshipped as a symbol for the origins of life by ancient Egyptians. Linked to the rising and setting of the sun and thus to Ra and the story of creation.

Dwarf skullcap - Scuttelaria nana
Dwarf Scullcap is a tiny perennial herb native to California. It is well-known and traditionally used among the Cherokee and other Native Indian tribes in North America.

Indian Warrior - Pedicularis densiflora
A perennial herb with stout green or sometimes reddish stems, fern-shaped leaves and long spikes of deep wine-red flowers. Traditionally used by Native tribes in North America.

Lion's Tail - Leonotis leonurus
Also known as Wild Dagga, it produces red, orange and yellow tubular flowers reminiscent of a lion’s tail. It has been traditionally used by the Xhosa and Hottentot tribes of South Africa.

Maconha Brava - Zornia latifolia
Native to and widely distributed through tropical South America and north into the West Indies. The dried leaves of Maconha Brava are traditionally used by Indians in the Amazon region.

Pink Lotus - Nelumbo nucifera
The national flower of India, it is sacred and occupies a unique position in the mythology of ancient India. Indians believe that Brahma, creator and God of the universe, sprang from a Lotus.

Siberian Motherwort - Leonurus sibiricus
From the mint family this herb has small white tubular blooms tipped with crimson, it is commonly used in Brazil, Mexico and especially China where it is highly revered for its properties.

Incense. Not for consumption. Enjoy the pleasing aroma of Spice!

3 gram Spice Gold
Il prodotto non viene spedito nei seguenti Paesi:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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