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Amanita Extract 10X

Amanita muscaria extract smoke it with a pipe to trip (see alice wonder mix) only this is stronger


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Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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smoked effects (0,5-0,6g in a time range from 2 hours)
I smoked it through bong and the second hit mixed with some cannabis:

the effect is like: my muscles in the neck are gum, but it isn´t uncomfortable, because it also feels very relaxing. also my arms and parts of my back feel like this. when I am walking around it feels a little bit like drunken. also the mood lift I had a real shitty day and now I feel like getting over the problems and also got ideas how to manage em, so it isn´t just a "making blind".
but through the cannabis I smoked before this day it also got the effect of beeing in a dream, I feel like beeing in a dream but I know that I am awake.

and the feeling of the muscles are also like in a dream, because when writing I forget my muscles and don´t feel em anymore, like in a dream

but the typical hallucinations don´t appear, they only appear when eaten the shrooms or the extract.
but when smoking it really should be mixed with some haschisch, BUT BEWARE! the haschisch ptencies like 3 or 4 times!


My friend tried this and went wacko

recommended but, it stick on the plastic bag, i used the entire gram and its does a nice feeling effect


Nothing happened. I do not like to smoke mushrooms as I use to get headaches, but like to digest with water which I did. I have taken this mushroom fresh and it was one of the best if not the best vision I had that time. This is not an extract but powdered form of a vegetable substance. I do not think it is worth buying this as any one in this country can find them in the wild if you know where. Then bake it in an oven on medium heat for about 20 minutes and crush and dissolve it in milk or water and drink.

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