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Alegria Amarillo

Un nuovo successo appena arrivato nel vostro negozio preferito!

Alegria Amarillo, un nuovo arrivato famoso per il suo componente 5-APB, porta effetti come una forte euforia, una maggiore energia, una felicità esplosiva e un sacco di voglia di parlare e ballare.

Ogni confezione contiene due dosi che certamente porteranno il livello di empatia fra voi e i vostri amici ai massimi livelli! Prendetelo finché potete!


Euphoria, increased energy and mood elevation


1,5 ml
2,5 ml
5 ml


8-14 hours




5-APB (5ml)


Non destinato all’uso umano.
Il prodotto non viene spedito nei seguenti Paesi:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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This stuff is truly amazing. half a bottle and Im in pure happy bliss for a good 5-6 hours. Very easy on the come up and lasts for a good long time. Less energy than MDMA or Amphetamines but a feeling of Euphoria almost unparalleled in the other Alegria's Get it while you can. Amazing product.


Very good. Take alf a bottle and was very nice. One day toke with allegria azul and was intense and likely the real deal. Good stufff

WOW! This stuff is mind-blowing! Very strong and very similar to xtc. Even could not tell the difference. For me it was as strong as 2 pills of xtc. Next time i will drink half of a bottle. The only thing I did not like is nausea and vomiting. My friend had the same. But definitely worth trying!


WOWWWWW!!! Simply mindblowing. I and my wife took half each and had a great time. A bit hard on the stomach, but totally worth it! Explosive happiness, energy, chatty mood, surfing on a wave of joy. Will definitely order it again! Thank you, Shayana :-)

You guys are insane... This stuff is surprisingly good and strong.
First time trying this I took only one third of it and I noticed first effects after 45 minutes. It was a very pleasant ride with no hangover next day. Next time I took half a bottle and it started to kick in after 20 minutes and it was quite intense. Very sociable and enjoyable. It is really long-lasting (9+ hours, depending on how much you take).
I had tried this in my house with some friends and I also tried this in the club. It is great for both situations, gets you talking, dancing and just having a great time!
Shipping was fast and discreet.
Thank you Shayana, you're the best!

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